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Free in-home measurement

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Free in-home measurement

A&E Flooring offers In-Home Measurements for All Flooring Installations
Our free in-home measurement service guarantees accurate measurements to prevent mistakes and make sure the right amount of product is ordered.

At first glance, properly measuring the flooring area in any room seems to be no more difficult than stretching out a tape measure. In reality, you might be surprised how many people can’t get this right, especially if the room isn’t a perfect square or rectangle. It is important to get the measurements so professional in-home measurements should be a matter of course. There are a lot of nuances to consider when measuring such as reading the tape measure correctly, or making sure the floors inside the closets are accounted for as well as other areas. If these are done by inexperienced homeowners, the errors that occur can result in extra cost and wasted time. If will definitely cost you if the measurement is incorrect and results in either over ordering or under ordering material. That’s why A&E Flooring offers this free measurement service. They have prior onsite installation experience that prevents measurement errors.

A&E Flooring offers free in-home measurement services for homeowners in Collegeville, Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks County and other nearby Pennsylvania communities.

We professionally install and supply carpet, ceramic and porcelain tile, hardwood, and vinyl tile, within budget and on time.

The first step is for our technicians to make precise room measurements. If this includes staircases and hallways, we will accurately and carefully measure those as well. Our experts will measure the area twice to make certain it is accurate.

If you are interested in our free in-home measurement service, e-mail us, phone us, or stop by at our Collegeville, PA showroom. We will be happy to schedule your free in-home measurement for any size remodeling project from one room to your complete home.