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A&E Flooring provides quality carpet

Determining the quality of carpet involves several factors:

  • The quality and type of materials used
  • Amount of face-weight fiber
  • Quality of construction

Consider the following when making your carpet selection. You can locate carpet specification information on the label on the back of carpet samples. Listed there are:
  • Manufacturer
  • Type of fiber
  • Warranty information
  • Style and color

The anti-static and anti-stain treatment applied will also be listed. Some labels include tuft twist count, pile height, and pile density rating. These 'specs' are critical information needed to determine the durability of a carpet and whether it meets your lifestyle, goals, and needs.

Determining your carpet needs

Take your time when shopping for carpet. Gradually narrow down the selection to a few you like that will suit your needs and be within the price range you can afford. Ask us for samples of the short list.

To determine the grade of carpet needed, consider the foot traffic in the area that will house the carpet.

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Some things to consider

  • Number of adults in the household
  • Number of pets, teenagers, children, and visiting grandchildren
  • How much you entertain
  • How often you vacuum the carpet
  • How often you have the carpet professionally cleaned
  • The size of your home

If all of these considerations have little number responses, your carpet is subject to low traffic. If more than half of the criteria scores small numbers, traffic is considered medium. Moderate traffic exists when more than half of the criteria have higher numbers. When all or nearly all numbers are high, the carpet is subject to heavy traffic.

Carpet tuft twist ratings

The filament, strands, or fibers of carpet are grouped together and twisted to form tufts. Heat permanently sets the fibers. The tighter the twist, the more durable a carpet is. A tuft rating of seven is an indication of a carpet that is well-made.

A four rating means the carpet has a lower, less durable grade. The number of tuft twists tells much about the ability of a carpet to retain its appearance. A tuft rating of six or more is typical for carpets well-known for durability and appearance retention.

Visit our showroom and check out the variety of styles and colors of carpet we offer.