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Learn how your flooring purchase will impact the lives of others in your community
Great things happen when you purchase a Mohawk floor. Mohawk is proud to volunteer time, money and in-kind donations of flooring materials to support local causes and national initiatives.

Mohawk is a longtime supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the global leader in the fight against breast cancer and has donated millions of dollars to this important cause. In 2016, the company went the extra mile for 3-Day participants across the U.S., providing pieces of SmartCushion for walkers and crew members to place under their sleeping bags.
Another area Mohawk supports involves families of children with long-term illnesses. Home remodeling is one of the last things on the minds of these families. But when it comes to brightening a sick child’s day or installing features to make daily life easier, good design can make all the difference.

That’s the philosophy of Sunshine on a Ranney Day (SOARD), an incredible nonprofit that provides wheelchair-accessible spaces, dream bedroom makeovers and in-home therapy rooms for families of children with serious illnesses.

These are only a few examples of what makes Mohawk a meaningful partner.

For almost 40 years, Mohawk has partnered with United Way chapters through corporate gifts, employee contributions and volunteer work to help those in need enjoy a better quality of life.

These efforts, as well as Mohawk's support of the Floor Covering Industry Foundation and the Mohawk Carpet Foundation, further prove that Mohawk is committed to making a difference. And so are we. Join us in making purchases that we can all take pride in!

Causes that Matter

United Way
Operation Finally Home
Floor Covering Industry Foundation
Mohawk Carpet Foundation

Hardwood Refinishing


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Hardwood refinishing is an essential service

If you have wood floors, there will come a time when hardwood floor refinishing services are necessary. Over time, wear begins to take effect and can mar the gorgeous appearance of your materials. That's when refinishing can make all the difference, bring your flooring back to a new look, and add years of lifespan, all at the same time. Read along now to learn more about how this process can serve you and your household.


Your wood floor refinishing is our concern too

Daily wear is sure to create signs of life, with scratches, loss of finish, water spots, and more, as a result. If you’re seeing slight signs of aging, it’s a great time to assess the materials for the possible need for wood floor refinishing. This process can bring your flooring back to a like-new finish, with results that will last decades before refinishing is a necessity again.

Solid and engineered materials can be refinished throughout their lifespan, up to several times, which means you may never have to replace these surfaces. Instead, you can keep them maintained and enjoy the gorgeous appearance as long as you own your home. You can even change stain and finish options during the refinishing process for upgraded décor matching or even just a change of appearance.


Hardwood floor refinishing is also a great time to address any necessary repairs if they are required, including subfloor requirements. It's better to handle even minor issues before they have the opportunity to turn into larger ones. When you’re ready to consider your refinishing needs, stop by and speak with one of our associates.

We work to provide the best wood floor refinishing

In addition to providing a wealth of materials for your flooring requirements, A&E Flooring also offers services like hardwood floor refinishing that help keep your floors looking and performing just as they should. Our associates will work to ensure your needs are met, regardless of your requirements, so that you'll have the floor you want for years to come. So, be sure to share your vision for your rooms while you’re spending time with us.

If you are a resident of , , , , , , or , we urge you to visit our showroom in Collegeville, PA. We offer everything you need for the best experience, regardless of project size. So, when it’s time for sanding floors and refinishing them, we’re happy to be of assistance.